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Food market of Halal has 10% growth rate yearly and it’s 1.6 times of China as a single market. It’s 1.7 times of USA as well.

Korea Halal Authority has been concentrating on the expansion of Muslim market in various fields such as Trading, Tourism, Education, etc. based on the Halal certification.

1. Handling the products and services which are permitted for Muslim such as food & Beverage, cosmetics, medicine, clothing, etc. (Halal certification, Halal education)
2. Providing Halal certification in accordance with Shariah law, issuing Halal compliance certificate, Independent audit, Test & research of products and services.
3. Promoting Halal tourism, Halal medical tourism and other services(tourism industry)
4. Program and auditing product component
5. Halal concept in accordance with The Quran(the Holy Book of Islam) and Sunnah(Islam custom), Scientific research related on Shariah law, Facility Advice(Equipment), Islamic finance,
6. Logistic, Halal distribution, Halal warehouse, Forwarding, etc.
7. Delivery of Halal products
8. Halal logistic, Halal transportation, Halal warehouse/ cold storage(Certification of Logistic & Storage)
9. Inspection & research of products and services to decide whether the products and services are performed according to Halal
10. Training the concept of Halal and Haram, Advertisement and transportation of consumable parts, food and useful products
11. Supporting Halal certification of products and services for manufacturers through supporting international Halal organizations
12. Through conducting exhibitions, road shows, making domestic & international participants understand practically what the Halal products & services are.
13. Based on Shariah law, cooperating individuals and international companies, UNWHD’s organization, forum, network(private institution or public institution) and connecting seminars, meeting related in Halal & Haram, permitted & prohibited