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We, Korea Halal Authority expected new opportunities with Halal and has prepared, researched world halal market for 3years.

Halal Certification to get through to 1.8billion Muslim market, Korea Halal Authority will be at the head.

Korea Halal Authority completed to be recognized from SMIIC in June, 2016.
Symbol mark of KHA is recognized as Global Halal Certification Mark.

06 - Approval of SMIIC
- Conversed auditors (2persons)
04 - Produced Senior members (3persons)
02 - Halal Consultant Certification Training
(6days Course/supporting from Halal India)

12 - Application for registering SMIIC &
   Registering Korea Halal Mark
- 2nd Site Inspection of UNWHD
- 1st Auditor produced by KHA (4 persons)
10 - MOU between Halal India and KHA
   (Cross Certification, Trading, Tourism, Training)
- Equipped with Halal certification center,
   certification and evaluation center,
   IMAM, R&D Dept., Dormitory
- Moved into new building
09 - Participation on World Halal Festival
- Halal Auditor Training Course
08 - CEO converted to Muslim.
- Company name was changed to
   Korea Halal Authority
05 - MOU with UNWHD (located in Singapore)
03 - 1st Site Inspection of UNWHD
   (C&C Industrial Management Institute)

- 12
- Market Research & Consultation on Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, etc.
01 - Launching Halal Certification Team
   (C&C Industrial Management Institute)