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Products made in Korea should be certified in Korea.

We are glad to show that Korea Halal Authority has been established successfully.

Recently, Halal industry has been increased quickly and widely. The population of Muslim occupies 24% globally and the size of Halal industry has been expected to increase up to 4,348 trillion KRW in 2020.

Therefore, we should recognize the Muslim market as new blue ocean and occupy the Halal market in advance through the aggressive investment.

In Muslim market, Halal mark means like Certificate of Quality. Halal is not a certification of system but a certification of items.

Normally, Halal is to be known as a analysis of ingredients but it includes all the steps such as production, processing, distribution, storage, etc. as well. Now, to resolve the exisiting expensive cost for international certification and long lead-time, Korea Halal Authority will make an effort. We, Korea Halal Authority promise to accomplish the overall development of your business in a single stop with continuous support.

Thank you.