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Halal is kind of Islamic regulation occupying 24% of world population
and the market size is expected to be increased up to 4,338 trillion KRW in 2020.

24.9% Muslim of World Population in 2020 21.2% share of World market on Halal food in 2019

Muslim population is 1.7billion in 2010 and it occupies 23.4% of world population, expected 1.9billion in 2020, 24.9% of world population, 2.2billion in 2030, 26.4% of world population. Major residence is Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa but rapidly increased in Europe and USA as well, Muslim market is expanding rapidly so that the entire Halal market is expected up to 4,348 trillion KRW in 2020, in case of Halal food, occupied 17.7% in 2014 and will be occupied 21.2% in 2019 so that expected to develop 2times with 21.2% in 2019. Muslim market is huge market based on economic power, rapid population growth rate and full consumption propensity, according to the market expansion, the importance of Halal certification is getting accelerated.

Halal market for food, it is a single market, 1.6 times of China and 1.7 times of USA market

Upon increasing Halal market, the Korean government expand the scale of support for the cost of Halal Certification

Korea Food & Drug Administration renewed the relevant statutory provisions for the Halal certification display of products in 31st of Dec. 2015. It permits the display and advertisement for food & national livestock sot that Halal certified products shall be identifiable easily and it has efficiency of increasing the products competitiveness.
Furthermore, the supporting size for Halal certification was increased from 117million KRW in 2013 to 2billion KRW so that it reminds companies to participate aggressively and understand the importance of Halal certification.